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Focus on NEPA's Section 101 sustainability and efficiency goals


NEPA works...

But There Are Challenges

According to the Council on Environmental Quality's (CEQ) report, National Environmental Policy Act - A Study of Its Effectiveness after Twenty-five Years, implementing NEPA too often...

  • Costs too much,
  • Takes too long, and
  • Documents are too complex/encyclopedic

Are NEPA’s challenges are still with us?   Latest report.


How Can CASTING Help?

The Consolidated Annual Sustainability Tool Integrating NEPA Guidance (CASTING) was developed through consultations with agencies and stakeholders.  CASTING helps reduce chronic NEPA issues by harnessing the flexibility of recent CEQ guidance on cumulative effects analysis (CEA), programmatic NEPA analyses, ISO 14001 EMS integration, climate change/GHG analysis, mitigation and monitoring, adaptive management, categorical exclusions, and public collaboration.

Benefits of CASTING

  • Cuts agency costs: Replaces most EAs and sharply reduces costs of EISs.
  • Provides the leaders and commanders with much more flexibility, enhancing mission support.
  • Reduces time between planning and implementation.
  • Focuses on measuring actual impacts, monitoring, and using adaptive management.
  • Helps agencies, installations, and communities achieve regional sustainability goals.



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More efficient use of current programs-plans-procedures would cut NEPA costs; reduce process time; make NEPA documents less encyclopedic and more useful; support public outreach; improve cumulative environmental effects analyses; and help achieve sustainability and mission goals.


The NEPA Document

The CASTING product is an attractive, colorful state-of-the- environment annual report with an updated Cumulative Effects Analysis and include a draft FONSI for public comment to ensure NEPA compliance.

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Pilot Projects and NEPA Support

See an early concept of CASTING, originally called SIRS, at the CEQ Pilot Project Candidates web site.  The first CASTING pilot project is in progress at a military installation.


Download ourCASTING NEPA Fact Sheet - flow chart  CASTING NEPA Fact Sheet for more information.


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