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Policy Act of 1969

National Environmental Policy Act

The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) has been known as the mother of all modern environmental laws and regulations in the United States.  It was designed to engage stakeholders and to provide the potential environmental effects to help inform leaders in their major federal decisions.


Over 100 countries worldwide have adopted the NEPA framework in creating their environmental impact assessment processes.


The Council on Environmental Quality oversees implementation of NEPA in the U.S., and has developed NEPA regulations and guidance.

CEQ NEPA Regulations and Guidance

U.S. Department of Energy NEPA Lessons-Learned

Cohen NEPA Summit

The U.S. Department of Energy has one of top sites for NEPA expertise.  Their NEPA Lesson's Learned Quarterly Report is particularly excellent for NEPA practitioners.

Bill Cohen NEPA Summit Report and updates from National Association of Environmental Professionals (   World-renowned NEPA experts convened a NEPA summit in honor of former U.S. Department of Justice environmental attorney, Bill Cowen.  They tackled some of NEPA's most challenged issues.  They continue the effort as NEPA is approaching its 50th anniversary with updates at the web site of the National Association of Environmental Professionals (

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